Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Samsung S400i : Mind Your Moves

Samsung is one company that is devoted entirely to evolving newer and better technology. The mobile division is as proficient as the word can describe. Each handset is characterized by a unique feature, and every new handset improves the traits of its precedent. The company evinces a dual commitment. One is to serviceable technology, and second to design. Samsung is wont to design slim sliders. Each new handset that is launched in the market exceeds the expectations of users.

This Samsung Mobile Phone is a magician's wand as it evinces the most intuitive faculties. It is an intelligent device that gauges the convulsions or hand and muscle movements to initiate operations. Ever thought a mobile phone would know what you want and do it without you pressing a button! The phone sure marks a technological breakthrough.

The Samsung S400i phone is a paragon of excellence. It comes with a pedometer to measure your daily walk. In this it functions like a smartphone that keeps track of your health and similar cardinal issues. It even has a thermometer to record your body temperature. The phone is a compact clamshell. It hosts a plethora of flabbergasting features. Besides facilitating basic verbal communication, it permits messaging. The phone works as your personal taskmaster or a perennial companion that serves in good and bad times.

Imagine going on a lonesome adventure trip. You spot a beautiful animal in the wild and grow restless to take its pictures. While chasing the animal you lose your way and know not your way back. In the wilderness your phone would seldom detect a network. Does that mean that your phone is now dysfunctional? No, it's not. The Samsung S400i has an-built compass to help you navigate your way back home or on the track at least.

With a variety of intuitive features, the Samsung S400i phone exhibits qualities of a true smart phone. If you're looking for everlasting companionship, just buy it.