Sunday, May 13, 2007

Motorola L7 : Your Handsome Performer

Motorola's command over designer phones is just incredible and have also given the hard times to other competitors. Well, when it comes to looks, Motorola surely scores highest points by bringing the exquisite masterpieces for users. Mobile world is yet to receive the right answers to stay at par with the breath taking designs of RAZR and PEBL and Motorola is all set to introduce another emblem of true designing. The Motorola L7 has it all to leave you awestruck! This dynamic gizmo is launched in celebrated candy-bar design, with a metallic finish, metallic keypad and thoroughly toughened glass. Its attractive design duly complemented by its metallic appearance, which surely attracts your attention. Although, nothing specific or extraordinary is done in designing, as its design is based on the popular RAZR design. But, the Motorola L7 goes ahead with its compatible features – which give you more than one reason to have this all-rounder gizmo. Endowed with a high quality matrix display, which can support 262k colours resolution. Therefore, it ensures that you get that larger than life viewing experience, whenever you view all those images, video clips or any other application. Well, the Motorola L7 also comes with a camera, but its resolution is quite less and you cannot expect the best of picture technology. Well, you can use this VGA camera in video recording to treasure all those special moments. After hoarding all your favourite stuff, you can easily share it with your friends via MMS or Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

If you are a music buff, then the Motorola L7 can give you those best moments. Its loaded with an inbuilt MP3 player, which can play music in various popular formats like MP3 and AAC. On the other hand, its embedded ringtones are too good in quality. There are other compatible features with handsfree speaker, quad band support and email. Its inbuilt memory is just 11MB, but it is also accompanied with TransFlash memory, which further enhances its memory up to 512 MB. Hence, you can easily download all your desired stuff from songs, video clips, images and much more.

Ensuring a seamless connectivity, the Motorola L7 supports the popular Quad-band network. Moreover, you can easily share all your important data with other compatible devices with Infra-red, Bluetooth and USB. Earlier, Motorola phones were severely criticised for their insufficient battery life, but the Motorola L7 offers a substantial battery to do all those things in the easiest possible way. Bring this power gadget and make all those desired changes in your mobile life.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sony Ericsson V600i : simplistic fun in the world of 3G

Mobile phones today have become more and more complicated. As we continue to cramp in every new bit of technologies to our handsets, the practical usability of these devices are dubious. In context of keeping up with technologies, the mobile phone designs too have become more complicated than ever. The simplistic charms of the Sony Ericsson V600i comes in as a gush of fresh wind.

This Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone is a simple candy-bar handset with a straight forward design and a well laid out keypad and is presently available in two colours – Moonlight silver and Black. However, the mobile phone is packed with the latest in mobile technology that includes 3G. Among other things, the Sony Ericsson V600i is capable of making and receiving video calls.

The handset uses its TFT screen as a viewfinder for its integrated camera other than its usual functions to display user's informations and live images during a video call. The camera module of the Sony Ericsson V600i is 1.3 megapixel with maximum resolution of 1280x1024 pixels. Digital zoom, integrated flash and video capabilities of the camera increases its utility many fold.

Other than UMTS networks, the Sony Ericsson V600i also supports triband GSM mobile networks and changes band automatically. Highest data speed that could be achieved in a 3G network by the Sony Ericsson V600i is around 384 kbps. The handset is equipped with GPRS so that you can get uninterrupted data connectivity even in absence of 3G. The handset is also equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology v2.0, Infrared and USB so that local and remote connectivity with external devices are easy and seamless.

Lack of external memory card slot and internal memory of 32 Mb forbids the Sony Ericsson V600i use as a music player but you can carry a few of your favourite tracks. The FM radio with RDS is always available in case you want to stretch out for a while.

(Note: If you want to see more and wide variety of different mobile phones, check out Mobile Phones).

Sony Ericsson K800i : Enjoy being a shutterbug

Most of the people like to carry a camera, whenever they go out for a holiday. But, sometimes we do miss to capture all those larger than life moments, as usually we do not carry a camera, wherever we go. On the other hand, we experience all those special moments quite spontaneously and later on we regret due to lack of camera. While all other things are becoming very easier for us with the latest technical achievements and camera phones are one of those things. Actually, camera phones are there to perform multiple tasks. As, they not only let us communicate with people, but also provide us enough entertainment and fun. Moreover, its much easier to carry a camera phone than a digital camera. By looking at the present demand for the camera phones, it is quite evident that in a near future, they will easily replace our digital cameras. Sony Ericsson's dedicated K-series is specifically designed for the shutterbugs. Empowered by various sophisticated imaging options, the Sony Ericsson K800i is here to be your perfect camera pal.

Besides being an exceptional camera phone, the Sony Ericsson K800i mobile phone is also a 3G phone. Hence, you can easily expect something special from this cool gadget. It belongs to the Cyber-shot range of Sony Ericsson – digital camera, which is well supported by assisting features. Well, its camera artillery is comprised of an integrated 3.2 mega pixel digital camera with autofocus, xenon flash and also with an image and video stabilizer – thus, capture every moment the way you like. Moreover, you can also get all those lucid pictures even in those dull light conditions with the help of xenon flash. After capturing all those pictures, you can easily take the printouts as it also comes with PictBridge technology. Then, share all those images or videos with your family and friends via Bluetooth or by sending MMS.

The Sony Ericsson K800i scores really well, when it comes to mobile entertainment. It lets you enjoy all your favourite music – thanks to its inbuilt music player and FM radio options. Well, you can also enjoy high speed Internet access, as it is a 3G phone. Thus, you can avail all the important information about various events or you can also upload all your photos, blogs and content from Internet. Undoubtedly, you would certainly cherish to have a Sony Ericsson K800i.

Samsung S400i : Mind Your Moves

Samsung is one company that is devoted entirely to evolving newer and better technology. The mobile division is as proficient as the word can describe. Each handset is characterized by a unique feature, and every new handset improves the traits of its precedent. The company evinces a dual commitment. One is to serviceable technology, and second to design. Samsung is wont to design slim sliders. Each new handset that is launched in the market exceeds the expectations of users.

This Samsung Mobile Phone is a magician's wand as it evinces the most intuitive faculties. It is an intelligent device that gauges the convulsions or hand and muscle movements to initiate operations. Ever thought a mobile phone would know what you want and do it without you pressing a button! The phone sure marks a technological breakthrough.

The Samsung S400i phone is a paragon of excellence. It comes with a pedometer to measure your daily walk. In this it functions like a smartphone that keeps track of your health and similar cardinal issues. It even has a thermometer to record your body temperature. The phone is a compact clamshell. It hosts a plethora of flabbergasting features. Besides facilitating basic verbal communication, it permits messaging. The phone works as your personal taskmaster or a perennial companion that serves in good and bad times.

Imagine going on a lonesome adventure trip. You spot a beautiful animal in the wild and grow restless to take its pictures. While chasing the animal you lose your way and know not your way back. In the wilderness your phone would seldom detect a network. Does that mean that your phone is now dysfunctional? No, it's not. The Samsung S400i has an-built compass to help you navigate your way back home or on the track at least.

With a variety of intuitive features, the Samsung S400i phone exhibits qualities of a true smart phone. If you're looking for everlasting companionship, just buy it.

Nokia 8800 Sirocco – Nothing, but style speaks volume...

The way the fashion bug has bitten the manufacturer and users of mobile phones, it seems that the time wont be far when we have to dedicate an entire television channel on mobile phones. Or is something like that already existing? The fashion fever of the mobile telecommunication market has made many a manufacturers launch incredibly stylish and alluring handsets - exuding richness of form and functionalities. One of the latest in the line, is Nokia 8800 Sirocco edition. Nokia has always managed to maintain its high standards when it comes to mobile engineering, but mostly for the features rather than looks of the handsets. And thus, with Nokia 8800 Sirocco, it has tried to break the common cause of its popularity.

Redefining elegance and class, Nokia 8800 Sirocco comes with a smooth slider mechanism, and with an attractive stainless steel casing. The contours of the mobile are smooth and offers total comfort when held in hand. This Nokia Mobile Phone has a signature thumb rest which adds to the smooth curves of the casing and a hidden keypad which is easy to access. Your fingers will almost dance on the keypads, as they work to keep you in touch.

Another attractive feature of Nokia 8800 Sirocco is the premium interface that thrills through a high resolution TFT screen. Moreover, the screen has a protective covering (resistant sapphire coated glass ) so that there remains to scratch, and your peace of mind is ensured. To add more zing in the phone, Nokia 8800 Sirocco is enabled with crystalline ringtones by Brian Eno.

Nokia 8800 Sirocco is a beauty, but its quality does not stop here. Nokia has not forgotten that the basic utility of the phone lies in its connectivity, thus, Nokia has not compromise on features when it created Nokia 8800 Sirocco. It offers tri-band network and the versatility of Bluetooth and EDGE. The Nokia 8800 Sirocco is available in two colours – silver and black with a high quality glossy finish.

Sony Ericsson K750i : More Than Imaging

Yes it's true.... But first, a brief note. Mobile manufacturers are wont to make handsets dedicated to at least one key feature. So, camera phones evince advance imaging capabilities and music phones sound. Business phones have better organizational skills and youth phones games. Packaging all features in one phone is deemed quixotic and perhaps suicidal by manufactures. It mars marketing and affects reputation. The story told hitherto is from the point of view of mobile phones companies. The story told hence will serve your interest.

If you want to buy a phone you would expect nothing less than everything. Sony Ericsson K750i is one phone that offers more than what you need. It has a fully operable 2 mega pixel camera. The camera can take still pictures and videos. Autofocus guides the camera to shoot a specific object. 4X Digital Zooming ability helps sharpening the image quality.

Sony Ericsson K750i uses the QuickShare technology to let you share your pictures with cherished ones instantly. The hallmark of Sony Ericsson phones is that they deploy innovative and user friendly technologies. The handset allows you to maintain a picture phonebook and picture wallpapers and screensavers. Picture phonebook is extremely utile. In a scenario where you know two or more people with the same name, you can distinguish their profiles by storing their pictures along with other details.

The Sony Ericsson K750i is also a music phone. It has an MP3 Player and an FM Radio. PlayNow gives you access to songs that are not registered on the phone's Playlist. Music Composer allows you to compose your own melodies. Music DJ renders the freedom to mix and blend tracks of your choice. This last feature would make you immensely popular at in-house dance parties.

The Sony Ericsson K750i phone offers multiple messaging options. You can exchange SMS, MMS, EMS, and Emails via this handset. You can browse internet to find information, or, play games to amuse yourself. The choices the phone accords are numerous. After all it's more than a camera phone.

Nokia 6280 : 3G comes simpler...

Evolving with each passing day, mobile technology has certainly changed the overall definition of development by setting the new standards. The present phones are available in various sizes and forms and we can pick the right one, as per our preferences and needs. Getting along quite nicely, slider phones are also in great demand. Well, these slider phones are not only exemplary in designing, but they also offers so much in features. Offering a comprehensive range in slider phones, Nokia has introduced 3G phones in this category. The next one is this Nokia 6280, which is here to make an ever-lasting impression.

Although, this Nokia Mobile Phone is a 3G slider phone, which is duly packed up with extensive features, but its design does look like the Samsung D900. Except designing, there are not many similarities between these two handsets – though, both are special in their own way. As far as its display screen is concerned, the Nokia 6280 is loaded with a big display screen, which is quite good to provide you a consummate viewing experience. Moreover, it has been further supported by 262k colours and 320 x 240 pixels resolution. There are two cameras in the Nokia 6280. The first one is a 2.0 mega-pixel camera to capture the images. And, the second one is a VGA camera, which is specifically fitted to make video calls.

The Nokia 6280 is also good enough to entertain you, as it comes with an inbuilt music player and a visual radio – listen to all your favourite music. As the Nokia 6280 is duly built on the 3G platform, it ensures compatible data transfer and Internet connectivity – browse or download all your favourite content. Moreover, It is also supported by USB, Bluetooth, Infra-red – which makes the data transfer and sharing very easy. To get more space, you can easily update its memory by using an expandable memory card – get all your favourite stuff to enjoy more, the way you like. Surely, the Nokia 6280 can be your perfect pal for various requirements.