Friday, March 16, 2007

Motorola V3i : A phone with advanced features

The Motorola V3i is available in the market and had grabbed quite a attention from mobile users across the globe. Leveraging from its popular RAZR model, the manufacturer seems to ride on its huge success. The Motorola V3i is one such effort from the company. The elegant design of RAZR hardly needs any description, but the V3i is though based on it but does endeavor to maintain its own identity. An iTunes button has been placed near the five-way navigation by replacing the message key. Smooth surfaces with a back-lit keypad do complement the aesthetic design. Available in attractive colours the mobile phone is a delight for fashion conscious users.

The music features of Motorola RAZR V3i is good but it is no match for a dedicated music system. The icing on the cake obviously is its iTunes interface which is far ahead in the competition. The mobile phone has good support for play-lists navigation and listening to songs is easy. The phone displays album artwork and plays songs with greater sound quality much like a music system.

This Motorola Mobile Phone scores over other RAZR handset in Yahoo, AIM and ICQ instant messaging protocols. The handset doesn't support any predictive text input which is a drawback for an avid texter but an attractive flat keypad tries to compensate for it. The handset has support for SMS and MMS capabilities which is expected from a latest entrant. Refreshing change comes with inclusion of an e-mail client preloaded with technical support for Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail.

The reception and call quality is good on Motorola V3i. You have advanced calling features like conference, voice dialing which helps you multi-task. An expandable memory and other personalization features make this handset a good choice and purchase.